Lessons Learned from
Global Payroll System

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Steve Goldberg

HCM Industry Analyst, Advisor and Influencer


Paul Nikhil Prasad

Global Head of Payroll Operations, Ramco Systems(Moderator)

Are you considering implementing a global payroll system in your organization? Tune in to the podcast on "Lessons Learned from Global Payroll System Rollouts" to gain valuable insights and expert advice from industry leaders. This podcast will provide you with practical knowledge and actionable tips to successfully navigate the challenges associated with implementing and managing a global payroll system.

Key discussion points:
  • Discover the essential factors to consider when choosing a payroll vendor for a global implementation
  • Find out how to strike the right balance between standardization and localization when implementing a global payroll system
  • Learn effective change management techniques to overcome resistance and drive successful adoption of a global payroll system
  • Gain insights into leveraging payroll data to support strategic planning and drive business outcomes
  • Explore the return on investment (ROI) potential of payroll system implementations

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