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Enhancing Employee Experience with

AI-Powered HR & Payroll

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Fizza Sabir

Regional people Advisor & Emiratisation Lead

Anna Vasileva

Head of HR MENCA
(Electrolux Group)

Anirudhe Ghosh

Business Head - MENA
(TASC Corporate Services)

Milind Trivedi

Sales Director
(Ramco Systems)

What to expect in this webinar?

Understanding Employee Needs: Explore how AI can meet the changing expectations of today's workers.

Remote Engagement Strategies: Discover effective ways to engage, motivate, and keep remote team members happy and productive.

Motivation in the Virtual Space: Learn about innovative approaches to boost motivation and morale within virtual teams

Enhanced Communication: See how AI tools can improve communication and collaboration between employees and employers.

Who should watch this webinar

  • Business leaders looking to harness AI for improved productivity
  • HR professionals seeking insights into AI's communication-enhancing potential
  • Managers interested in optimizing workforce communication
  • Individuals eager to expand their knowledge of AI's impact on employee-employer relations