The Secret Asset in HR Transformations: Payroll

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The transformation of the people function is necessary for businesses of all sizes to realise its full potential. And it's not just the HR department that's involved. Effective Human Capital Management (HCM) requires a mindset that extends beyond HR and encompasses the entire enterprise.

Traditionally, HR transformation programs have focused on optimizing HR processes. But today's initiatives take a more holistic approach, with four primary areas of focus:


Highly reliable people data to power workforce insights. Employee


Technology tools and platforms rooted in continuous innovation


Employee service delivery based on great employee experience (EX) tenets


Operational excellence in areas such as compliance


The payroll department is a showcase for all four of these pillars. In our eBook, we explore how payroll teams, systems, and operations can drive HR transformation and help your business achieve operational excellence.

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Steve Goldberg

HCM Industry Analyst, Advisor and Influencer

Steve Goldberg’s 30+ year career on all sides of HR process & technology includes HR exec roles on 3 continents, serving as HCM product strategy leader and spokesperson at PeopleSoft, and co- founding boutique Recruiting Tech and Change Management firms.

Steve’s uniquely diverse perspectives have been leveraged by both HCM solution vendors and corporate HR teams, and in practice leader roles at Bersin and Ventana Research. He holds an MBA in HR, is widely published and is a feature speaker around the globe. He’s been recognized as a Top 100 HRTech Influencer.