Achieving 10X growth with Hyper Automation of Aviation Supply Chain


Wayne Mihailov
Wayne Mihailov
CEO, Airline MRO Parts (AMP)
Albert Koszarek
Albert Koszarek
CEO, Aeroxchange


Manoj Singh
Manoj Singh
SVP, Ramco

You will discover

  • ✔ How Automation helped Airline MRO Parts (AMP) in achieving zero inventory model and zero touch order to cash process
  • ✔ How a unique Purchase order (PO) flip model enabled 80% of efficiency gains in PO to Sale Order process
  • ✔ How an end-to-end integration with Aeroxchange helped in making this process seamless
  • ✔ How this combined effort resulted in 10X process improvement at AMP

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To know how automation coupled with end-to-end integration plays a key role in driving efficiencies, optimizing costs and pivoting to new business models in Aviation Supply chain ecosystem.