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While organizations’ use of globally distributed talent pools, both temporary and permanent, has become commonplace and nearly seamless, payroll functions have not kept pace with the times. Impediments to working across geographies have fallen, but they remain for payroll. Why is that?

Ramco – along with featured experts from Everest Group & PORR Construction – share views on 'Re-imagining Payroll in a Digital-First World'. Tune in to learn: 

  • Why should Payroll be relegated to an operational HR function?  Can Payroll be a strategic driver?
  • How can Payroll leverage new digital technologies as the driver of disruptive change?
  • What are the best practices for enterprises to deploy HR & Payroll offerings to drive efficiency & effectiveness?

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About Speakers

Anil is a leader in Everest Group’s global Business Process research program with a focus on HR & Talent services. He drives the HR research and advisory program, covering areas such as multi-process HR outsourcing, payroll outsourcing, benefits administration outsourcing and HR technology.

Tamer is a seasoned strategy drive global HR executive with 22 years of experience in senior leadership roles across the Engineering/Construction industry sectors and covering many geographical regions including USA, Middle East and Europe. He has an excellent track record of identifying and mitigating potential human capital risks and developing/implementing cross-functional solutions to maximize value realization for the organization.

Bala, leads the Global Payroll Advisory services responsible for managing & consulting customers across regions, starting from business case articulation to process harmonization, best operational practices & eco-system integrations.


Webinar Speakers

Anil Vijayan

Lead Analyst - HR Research & Advisory Program
Everest Group


Tamer Amer
Middle East Regional Head of Human Resources
PORR Qatar Construction W.L.L


Lead - Global Payroll Advisory Services
Ramco Systems