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Payroll Services

Do's & Don’ts Before Choosing A TECH Partner
Originally Aired 23 October 19
When money, time and resources can be utilized for the strategic HR & Payroll functions, why employ them to process Operational functions? Choosing the right tech partner will help address tough single/multi-country payroll challenges in terms of people management, statutory compliance, process improvement, cost cutting, TECH adoption et all.
Get your IP3 right!

Infrastructure: Having a strong ecosystem with complete application level security, disaster recovery plans et al is vital for any organization
Product: Do you achieve end-to-end service maximization with your TECH partner? Do you benefit from a bouquet of innovations infused with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?
Process: How aligned is your Payroll process with your business objectives & workforce satisfaction? How scalable is it?
People: With an increasing millennial workforce, innovative people practices is imperative to reduce mundane tasks and improve their productivity levels.
It is vital that your TECH partner is abreast with taxation laws and statutory compliance across the borders, while simultaneously ensuring data privacy and data protection norms required.
Don’t worry. It is not as complicated as it sounds. Tune in to know how to simplify the process.




Vishwanathan K A

Head – Payroll Managed Services
Ramco Systems



Alison Hendriks

Independent Consultant