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WEBINAR on HR CHATBOTs & Facial Recognition

In business, people are your greatest assets and great talent will take your business to the next level of success. But, what does "great" look like in this era of digital business?

The recent buzz of frictionless computing in the field of Human Resources is phenomenal! A solution that understands, learns, reasons and interacts, to deliver next-gen employee experience aligned to the changing needs of an organization.

In other words, this new era is not only a shift in tools, it's a shift toward employee-centric design. From AI driven BOTs that are disrupting HR processes to Facial Recognition replacing traditional swipe in swipe out attendance, Frictionless computing is here, and the future is NOW.

Arijit from Microsoft, Parvathy from Ramco and Johandy from the Ramco Innovations Lab supported by Ramesh who Heads Ramco Innovations explore more about Frictionless Interactions  & how it aids enterprise business. 

Tune in to experience LIVE DEMO of HR CHATBOTS & Facial Recognition based Time Management and much more on AI.

Webinar Speakers

Arijit Roy
Senior Sales Director - AI & Data Platform, Microsoft 

Parvathy S
Head - HCM  Product,
Ramco Systems

Johandy Tantra
Tech Evangelist
Ramco Systems