Welcome to {Lord of The Codes}!

If you are someone who wants your coding to do all the talking, Ramco’s 24-hour hackathon, Lord of The Codes, is just the platform for you. Walk into the charged up premises to meet like-minded tech nerds, code geeks, probable coffee addicts and full time creative geniuses. The hackathon will host techies who can put their minds to come up with amazing ideas that can transform critical business processes.

What’s your reward?

You get to exercise your grey cells, and that aside we have some exciting cash prizes and loads of goodies for you.


1st prize: Rs 50,000


2nd prize: Rs 30,000


3rd prize: Rs 20,000


Coders' protocol

  • Minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 members per team. Brownie points to teams that have a
    minimum of one woman participant. Individuals are not allowed.
  • Coding will start after problem statement is shared, and within 24 hours the participants must
    come up with final code to resolve the problem.
  • The final code will be showcased to the panelists, who will review and select top 3 teams on the basis of concept, originality, innovation, logical reasoning, effectiveness of the solution and minimal margin of error.

Tech nerds who are pursuing final year of their graduate or postgraduate course, or those who graduated in or after 2016 are invited to participate in the Hackathon. In other words, if you are a young techie under the age of 25 years, find your way to Ramco Hackathon!

Got more questions? Check FAQs

Once the teams have registered, the teams will go through a screening process after which 20 teams will be chosen on the criteria of their profile and how much interest is shown in this field and past contributions in coding.

Yes. Breaks are allowed at any time for the participants, the participants can also leave the campus at any point of time to catch some fresh air.

Yes you can use any library and we are ok with you searching on the internet for any type of information, the whole point of the hackathon is to solve the problem in the field..

The code will be open source and can be used or accessed by any person .

There are food and refreshments organized by us for lunch and dinner and we are going to be providing refreshments and snacks throughout the event for the participants.

Yes. You will be required to bring your laptops and any other devices that you will need. We will be providing power outlets for your devices and high-speed internet access for all devices.

The registration window for the Hackathon has closed. You will be intimated if your team is shortlisted.


The event is spread over the weekend, it starts on Saturday morning and will end by Sunday evening. The concept of the event is simple where the teams must work around the topics given to them to solve the problems at hand.