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Ever realised 40% of the global workforce is a part of the gig-economy?
India is among the Top 5 countries in contract workforce engagement!

Contract labour has become a necessity in today’s cut-throat environment. In order to remain competitive, efficient and cost effective, it has become imperative for an employer to restructure the organisation, modernise the technology, reduce regular manpower and rely more on contract labour.

Apart from wages, there are many sensitivities involved in dealing with contract labour workforce, a crucial one being statutory and regulatory compliance, to provide a happy and result oriented workforce for maximum output and efficiency.

Is YOUR company ready for the New World of Employment or is it facing the following challenges?

  • Accurate Time Capture and Approval
  • Labour Scheduling and Shift Swapping
  • Cost Management and Statutory Compliance

Register now to view the Recording of this Webinar organised by Ramco Systems in association with CII which will address the complete Contract Workforce Management Life-cycle for enterprises and enable in arresting Revenue Leakages.

Webinar Speakers

M.S Unnikrishnan
Managing Director & CEO


Jayakrishnan R G
AVP - Digital Transformation
Research Scientist,
Ramco Systems


Mr Sattish Ghogre

Ex Group Head- Corporate Industrial Relation,
Mahindra Group