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Dive deep into your payroll system and analyze  if your payroll model is sound enough. How? Take the survey that has been carefully formulated with well-researched questions by leading research and advisory firm - NelsonHall. Information revolving around payroll technology, operating model, automation, analytic payroll reporting capabilities and other extensive areas will be taken into account to find out where you stand when it comes to managing payroll. The survey will help the companies not only assess their payroll strengths and weaknesses, but also assist them in discovering the effective ways of improving the payroll process. For an error-free and efficient payroll system can lead you to the path of increased productivity, not to mention reduced costs.


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About Ramco:

Ramco Systems, a global HR Tech solution provider, offers a comprehensive suite of Global Payroll, Time and Attendance and Core HR, while chatbots/voice-based transactions, facial recognition-based T&A, mobile applications, hubs, analytics, APIs and Mail It features add on as system enablers.

Ramco Global Payroll (offered as a platform and service) is compliant across 100-plus countries covering ANZ, Asia (including China and Japan), Middle East and Africa, UK and Ireland and comes with local language support in Mandarin, Bahasa, Thai, Malay and Arabic, among others.

From chatbots disrupting the HR processes, voice-based transactions to facial recognition revolutionising time management, Ramco has it all! Trusted by Fortune 500s and MNCs, Ramco has been recognised by leading research firms including Gartner, NelsonHall, Everest Group, Global Payroll Association among others.

About NelsonHall:

NelsonHall is the leading global analyst firm dedicated to helping organisations understand the ‘art of the possible’ in next generation IT and business services. With analysts in the U.S., U.K., and Continental Europe, NelsonHall provides buy-side organisations with detailed, critical information on markets and vendors (including NEAT assessments) that helps them make quick and highly informed sourcing decisions. And for vendors, NelsonHall provides deep knowledge of market dynamics and user requirements to help them hone their go-to-market strategies. NelsonHall’s research is based on rigorous, all-original research, and is widely respected for the quality, depth and insight of its analysis.