At the centre of various raging debates is technology. In the days to come, how is it going to transform the way we live, the way we work… and the way we will be paid for it? It is a bit of a task to unravel the answer to such seemingly simple, and yet complex question. And there can never be one definitive answer.

Which is why we have DigiPAY - a forum powered by Ramco that will have payroll professionals inform, discuss and react to a huge variety of topics. We will have a melange of curious minds that will broach all things Digital in Payroll, from payroll technology, automation, and payroll compliance to payroll transparency, market forces driving payroll trends, payroll transformation and anything that will be relevant to the payroll community.

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DigiPay : Episode 36

When NOT to outsource your payroll?
In this episode of DigiPay, we have Tracy Angwin, CEO of the Australian Payroll Association throwing light on the worst reason for an organization to outsource their payroll. She elaborates further by highlighting the need to fix your payroll function before outsourcing it. Watch now to find out more!
Watch now to find out more!

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